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Commission pieces are created with professional level oil paints and customized to bring your unique vision to life. The first step in the commission process is to determine a canvas size that would work best in the room you wish to hang the painting.

Once we've established the dimensions of the canvas, I'll ask for any reference photos that inspire you - they can be of past paintings of mine or images that hold a special place in your heart!

The next step is an initial 25% deposit to secure your spot. The remaining payment is due when the painting is complete and only until you are absolutely thrilled with it! It can take me about two weeks to a couple of months to finish a piece, depending on the size and level of detail. The finished painting will then be shipped or hand-delivered when it is completely dry.


Thank you so much for your submission. I will get in touch with you soon!


“I’ve known Monica for most of my life and knew when I reached out to her for a painting that I would be blown away. Throughout the last 15 years her passion and talent for art has grown immensely and it’s been such a pleasure to watch. The painting I discussed with her was something I was wanting in my room for years and she brought it to life perfectly. The landscape I asked her to paint was from a city close to my heart and now I get to visit every time I look at her work. I believe true art is supposed to make you feel something and Monica delivers time and time again.”

- M. P.

“I had moved across country and wanted a painting of a lighthouse in NY that’s close to my new hometown. I had sent Monica a photo and to say she brought it to life, is a true understatement! Hung and centered on my living room wall, her painting brings a sense of serenity and calmness every time I look at it. You can see and feel the quality of her work and the love that goes into each piece, tailored to that client. Couldn’t be more happy with the final piece and appreciative of the time and detail that went into it!”

- L. K. 

“After moving to the Pacific Northwest and falling completely in love with the nature out here, my fiancé and I knew we wanted a piece that could capture Oregon’s beauty… and Monica did just that. Not only is the painting stunning itself, but it perfectly depicts the moody misty forest of this place that means so much to us. Her attention to detail is what makes this painting come to life. Monica’s talent is a true gift and we are so happy to have a piece of that at home with us.”

- A. C.

"I've been looking at my beautiful painting and I don't just see a beautifully painted sunset. I see the work of a talented young person who listened to the song of her soul and follows her talents and ideas. I'm so thankful for this lovely piece of art!"

- D. B. 

“My wife is absolutely enamored with our painting, and so am I! I didn't get to see it in person until yesterday evening and pictures do not do it justice! Thank you so much for re-creating this memory for us. It means more to us than you could imagine.”
- W. S.

“We finally got our masterpiece hung up on the wall and we absolutely adore it! “
- B. S.

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